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Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Looking for a more effective approach to scan your environments? Learn about the dynamic abilities of Arctic Wolf® Managed Risk.

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Looking for a more effective approach to scan your environments?  

Many IT departments deploy point-in-time scanning of their internal networks. Unfortunately, this opens the door for new vulnerabilities that can go undetected between scans. 

Part of the Arctic Wolf® Managed Risk solution, internal vulnerability assessment continuously scans your internal network to dynamically discover, inventory, and categorise assets, perform credentialed scanning, and find critical vulnerabilities to address so you can reduce the likelihood of an attack on your internal systems and devices. 

Security operations experts from the Concierge Security Team (CST) work directly with you to help you quantify internal risks and build risk management plans based on severity and classification to prioritize remediation and harden your posture. 

Learn more with the Internal Vulnerability Assessment and gain a better understanding of: 

-The benefits a CST member can provide your organisation 

-Types of weaknesses a CST can help you find in your environment  

-Information on inventory and control of hardware assets 

-How a CST works as a natural extension of your team