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Host-Based Vulnerability Assessment

The Host-Based Vulnerability Assessment Datasheet provides insight on security controls benchmarking, and inventory and control of hardware and software assets. Learn more.

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Over the past year, an increase in “work-from-anywhere” policies has created a challenging environment for security teams, as there are a number of new vulnerabilities and risks caused by misconfigurations.

To address this, IT departments should perform regular host-based vulnerability assessments of their servers and workstations to patch and remediate cyber risks according to severity and business impact.

Part of the Arctic Wolf® Managed Risk solution, host-based vulnerability assessment performs scans of endpoints deployed with the Arctic Wolf® Agent. The agent scans those assets to provide real-time endpoint telemetry, as well as vulnerability and misconfiguration information, to reduce the likelihood of an attack on your servers and workstations.

Get more insight on security controls benchmarking, inventory and control of hardware and software assets, as well as the advantages our CSTs can provide your organisation.