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Cloud Security Posture Management CSPM

Learn why organisations should adopt Cloud Security Posture Management for their cloud organisation and how CSPM can protect cloud environments.

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Cloud computing has revolutionised the ways organisations of all sizes operate and innovate.  

This has affected every aspect of an organisation’s success—from business models and strategies to operational processes and workforce productivity. And while the cloud unlocks new opportunities, it comes with a price: added vulnerability to cybersecurity threats. 

As we’ve seen, the cloud has exploded in popularity and use in the past few years. That wasn’t always the case. Until fairly recently, many considered the cloud a sub-specialty of IT. They also considered cloud security a sub- specialty of cybersecurity—as in, “Maybe we need it, maybe we don’t.” Those days are over.  

The simple fact is that cloud security is no longer an IT problem. It’s mission-critical. 

Cloud threats take advantage of the fact that most organisations don’t have the broad visibility necessary to take inventory of their cloud systems or discover cybersecurity risks in their cloud infrastructure environments.  

In additionmany businesses rarely optimise their configurations to harden their posture and comply with regulations. To address this, organisations should adopt cloud security posture management (CSPM) for their cloud infrastructure.   

Learn more about CSPM and why it’s the solution you need to stay protected from modern cyberthreats.