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Summary of Changes to Solutions Terms and URLs

Summary of Changes to Solutions Terms and URLs

Last Updated Date:
November 1, 2021
This notification provides you with a summary of the most notable changes to the following documents:

  • Solutions Agreement (“SA”, formerly called “Master Solutions Agreement” or “MSA”);
  • Solutions Terms -
    • Managed Detection & Response Solutions Terms;
    • Managed Risk Solutions Terms;
    • Managed Security Awareness Solutions Terms;
  • Data Processing Addendum; and
  • Privacy Notice (formerly called “Privacy Policy for Portal Users” or “Privacy Notice”).
This summary is not exhaustive list of the changes. To see all of the changes, please read the full Solutions Agreement here, Solutions Terms here, Data Processing Addendum here, and Privacy Notice here.

The Solutions Agreement is an agreement between you and Arctic Wolf that governs your use of Arctic Wolf’s solutions. It includes, by reference, our URL terms, which include the Solutions Terms and Privacy Notice. The updates to the Solutions Agreement and the URL terms described herein will take effect in accordance with the current terms governing your existing subscription. If you continue to use our solutions on or after their effective date, or such other date set forth in your agreement with us, you are agreeing to the updated terms.

Solutions Agreement Updates:
  • We have added solutions and related features and functionalities. We have made changes to clarify the components of each such solution and the grant of license related to each such component.
  • Our ability to provide the solutions to you is dependent upon our customers’ ability to deliver systems log data to us. Certain in-country technical restrictions within foreign jurisdictions may impact the delivery of the systems log data.
  • Our Solutions Terms provide clarity on where your raw Solutions Data will be stored.
  • We now require that our customers defend and indemnify us in limited circumstances.
  • If you are subscribing to Managed Security Awareness, you must permanently destroy or erase the content you receive from us.
  • Throughout the MSA, we have made changes to improve clarity and address grammar, typos, cross-references, and similar issues.
Solutions Terms:
  • We have added clarity related to where data is stored.
  • We have added clarity related to how the solutions are offered.
  • With respect to Managed Security Awareness, further information has been added to reflect new content and capabilities.
  • Throughout the Solutions Terms, we have made changes to improve clarity and address grammar, typos, cross-references, and similar issues.
Data Processing Addendum:
  • With changes in the General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”) within the European Union, we have updated our Data Processing Addendum and the referenced Standard Contractual Clauses to align with the new requirements set forth within GDPR.
Privacy Notice:
  • We have further aligned terminology across our contractual templates to consistently and transparently reflect our data security and privacy practices as it relates to your personal information.
  • We have added further information about personal information we may use as a controller to conduct our business operations.

If you have any questions about the changes we have made to our templates, please feel free to contact us at legal@arcticwolf.com. Thank you for being part of the Arctic Wolf Pack!