Risk Management

The Ability to Manage Risk Enables You to Reduce Your Attack Surface and Prevent Cyberattacks Before They Occur

Without understanding where your vulnerabilities lie, your organization leaves itself exposed to the latest attack vectors employed by cybercriminals. Arctic Wolf risk management solutions quantify your cyber risks and provide a prioritized roadmap for vulnerability remediation, helping to elevate your overall security posture.

External Vulnerability Assessment

Regularly scan your perimeter defenses to understand vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Continuously scan your networks, systems, and devices inside the perimeter and prevent insider attacks

Dynamic Asset Discovery

Automatically discover, profile, and classify your IP-connected, internet-facing and internal assets

Audit Security Controls

Audit network and system configurations to verify adherence security standards

Compliance Reporting

Simplify compliance reporting through asset inventory and patching of critical vulnerabilities to reduce cyber risk

Prioritize Remediation

Gain comprehensive visibility into your security posture, including quantifiable risk scores across networks, systems, and people

Reduce Your Attack Surface and Improve Your Security Posture

Arctic Wolf Networks, the leader in SOC-as-a-service, provides a comprehensive set of risk-based vulnerability assessment solutions that enable any IT organization to gain complete visibility into its cyber risk posture and reduce its attack surface.

  • Know what’s on your network: Dynamically discover and classify devices/systems on your network, and scan your networks for vulnerabilities that can be exploited
  • Know what’s on your systems: Gain complete visibility inside your laptops/servers to assess risks with non-standard configurations, unauthorized applications, and suspicious network connections.
  • Know what can bypass your defenses: Even the best technology defenses can be bypassed by advanced persistent threats. Arctic Wolf’s “Red Team” can simulate a targeted attack to test out your defenses and verify whether your patching strategy is effective.


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