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Security Operations for Law Firms

In the wake of well-publicised cyberattacks in the legal industry, it's never been more important to elevate your firm’s cybersecurity posture.
The safekeeping of client information is crucial for law firms, especially those who have access to key corporate data. Firms have both ethical and legal obligations to protect privileged client data—or face potential fallout from the untold cost of recovering from a data breach.

The Cybersecurity Challenge for Law Firms

Firms must abide by corporate clients’ regulatory obligations. Unfortunately, complexity and compliance have become major issues within the industry.

Limited Resources

Full-time security professionals might be financially out of reach or hard to find. A shortage of security expertise continues to create a hyper-competitive recruitment and retention environment.

Growing Compliance Obligations

Private and privileged information is protected by a tangle of local and international laws–often with disparate and overlapping requirements. Staying compliant is often more than an IT team can take on alone.

Expanding Threat Landscape

2020 was the worst year on record for data breaches, with the legal industry experiencing a growing number of attacks. Law firms are attractive targets for cybercriminals hoping to leverage access data for a quick payout.

Looking to understand how law firms leverage Arctic Wolf to keep their clients’ data secure?

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By the numbers

0 %
of law firms reported having a security breach.
0 %
of the top 100 law firms have suffered a data breach, since 2011.
0 %
of law firms report using file encryption and even fewer used email encryption.
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Arctic Wolf Secures Leading Law Firms

24x7 Continuous Monitoring​

Around the clock detection, response, and digital risk coverage to proactively monitor your environment.​

Named Security Experts ​

Your dedicated Concierge Security® Team acts as an extension of your internal IT team, allowing you to detect, investigate, and respond to incidents.​

Log Retention and Search​

Take the work out of managing logs, enabling your team to quickly and easily conduct in-depth investigations. ​
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“Arctic Wolf acts as a force multiplier for our IT team. Arctic Wolf ensures Zelle’s and our clients’ data always remain secure. It has improved our security posture and helped us meet client security obligations.” 

Brian Hustad,

Director of Information Technology, Zelle LLP 

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