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24×7 protection from advanced, persistent threats.

Each year, new cybersecurity technologies are introduced, promising the latest innovations to fight off threats. And yet, cyberattacks still fill the headlines. The problem? Cybersecurity doesn’t have a tools problem, it has an operational one.
A Security Operations Center (SOC) is essential to protecting your organization from advanced, persistent threats.
Arctic Wolf’s SOC-as-a-service provides the technology, process and expertise you need to deliver dynamic 24×7 security and a cost-effective alternative to building your own SOC.

The High Cost and Complexities of In-House Cybersecurity Operations​​


An increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape is creating problems for businesses of every size: Severe alert and regulation fatigue, vendor overload, and complex compliance issues.


Cyberattacks continue growing⁠—so is the shortage of people who can effectively respond. With over 1.5 million vacant cybersecurity jobs, many businesses are unable to find the right protection.


Discovering an attack quickly is crucial for your organization. The longer the dwell time of an incident, the more difficult and expensive it is to retain, remediate, and contain.

Concierge Security

At the core of our progressive SOC-as-a-service sits the industry’s original Concierge Security™ Team—security engineers working as an extension of your threat intelligence team around the clock. Keeping your business safe and secure in an ever-changing environment, they’re experts who know how to stay ahead of threats.
Average number of days to detect a data breach
(source IBM: 2021 Cost of a Data Breach Report)

Prevent Intrusion

  • Quickly identify vulnerabilities in existing systems
  • Continuously scan systems, advanced intelligence gathering, and proactively hunt threats
  • Prioritize remediation based on potential business impacts
  • Obtain a complete picture of assets, threat assessment, and on-demand remediation guidance

Detect and Monitor Cyberthreats​

  • Around the clock eyes-on-glass monitoring of network traffic
  • Unlimited ingestion of logs and lightweight agent
  • Continuous Cloud monitoring and improved threat detection
  • Dedicated Concierge Security Teams Provide 24×7 Incident Support

Contain and Respond to Incidents

  • Dynamic Custom rule engine provides real-time issue escalation
  • Containment capabilities to quarantine incidents before they impact your networks
  • Seamlessly extend your SecOps team with named Concierge Security Team + Hybrid AI

By the numbers

Reduce Unnecessary Noise.

Only escalate the issues that require action.​​
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Observations Arctic Wolf tracks every week.
Investigations by CST on average every week.​
Incidents escalated to the customer by CST on average every week.

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“Cybersecurity threats continually transform and mature. Arctic Wolf, however, delivers the tools and expertise to continually monitor our environment and alert on these threats. I rest easier knowing our operations are monitored 24×7 with Arctic Wolf’s SOC-as-a-service.”

AJ Tasker, Vice President and Director of IT, First United Bank & Trust​

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