Before you start...

Managed Security Awareness is the first security awareness program of its kind. It’s a hands-free approach to ongoing microlearning with content that’s always fresh and new.

it includes phishing simulations and a Concierge Security® Team who coaches you through the best possible experience in a security awareness program.

To highlight the program’s uniqueness, we’d like to share it with you through a novel approach.

With the help of our DeLorean, you will experience our onboarding process and meet your Concierge Security Team, who acts as your security coach all along your journey.

From there, you’ll time-travel through your first month of content before catching a glimpse of what your organization’s future could look like with a security-minded culture.

Let's get started!


Managed Security Awareness


Managed Security Awareness


You’re about to embark on a Managed Security Awareness Journey.

Experience what it’s like to become an Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness customer and participate in some of the microlearning sessions, meet with your Concierge Security Team, and find out how an ongoing program can change your company culture.
Now buckle up as we start cruising to 88 miles per hour!

Onboarding Call

Welcome to the Wolf Pack!

It’s time to meet with your onboarding team and take the first steps on your security awareness journey.

Watch this video to find out​ what the onboarding experience looks like.

CST Intro Call

Well done.

You’ve almost completed your onboarding. Now it’s time to introduce you to your Concierge Security® Team. They’ll be your coach as you begin your security journey.
In this video, check out a rundown on the Managed Security Awareness Secure Culture Dashboard. Take a look at the dashboard, which provides metrics like the completion rate, average quiz scores, and more.

After 30 days, you’ll meet up again with your Concierge Security team member to review your team’s performance, go over results, and discuss ways to improve.

Onboarding Complete

Way to go!

You’ve completed your onboarding.

Your employees are now ready to start experiencing a unique and valuable security awareness journey.


Now let’s zoom through a month’s worth of content, quizzes, and even take a look at a phishing simulation.​

Ready?​ Let’s get this time machine going!​




Let’s get started.

Your employees’ security awareness journey has begun. You’ve received your first session, called “Quickstart.” Within a few minutes, your team will gain an understanding of several key security awareness concepts. Check it out.

This session will always be the first session any new hires will receive before they are placed into the ongoing stream of content.


Microlearning Session

Your team is off to a great start.

Moving forward, your team will receive a new microlearning session every two weeks. Fresh, timely, and covering the latest threat vectors and current events, you’ll always stay on top of the latest security awareness news.



Quiz Time.

Take this brief, interactive quiz to gain a better understanding of important security awareness terms. ​
Ready? Let’s get started.


Phishing Simulation

Check out this email from the HR Department.

It’s about COVID-19 guidelines for your organization, along with a link to click for additional guidelines. Should you click?​
Find out the answer in our tailored phishing lesson.


Report Card

Well done. You’ve been receiving content for a whole month.

Through microlearning, quizzes, and custom videos, security awareness is becoming top of mind for everyone at your organization.
But how are you performing? Check out your report card for detailed information.


CST Review

It’s been 30 days since your first QuickStart session began.

It’s time to meet with your Concierge Security Team to gain insight into your overall progress.


Travel Into Your Future

Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness will change your culture over time.​

Where you’re going you don’t need any roads. Now imagine what your organization will look like after employees have received six months of security awareness microlearning.

Keep scrolling for a sneak peek into your future and see how employees will start protecting themselves and your organization.


Into Your Future


Into Your Future


Improved Retention

Employees who are trained with microlearning have a 200% better retention rate. Imagine what that can do to positively change your company’s security culture. ​

Faster Response.

People are busy. But employees who are trained with microlearning have a 28% faster reaction time and keep security top of mind.


What does that mean? A team filled with individuals ready to react to and report any perceived threats.

Moving Forward

Picture the confidence you’ll feel to have a fully managed security awareness program in place.
Less stress, more time to focus on important projects and leading your employees.

Ready For a Better Future?

Find out how you can elevate your organization’s security culture in under 8 minutes a month with Arctic Wolf’s Managed Security Awareness.​
Speak with a sales specialist today.​