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Cybersecurity in Oil and Gas: How to Strengthen Your Cyber Resilience in an Evolving Threat Landscape

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Cyber attacks are not new to the oil and gas industry, but the increasing frequency and sophistication of these attacks are a sign that threat actors are improving their craft and finding their efforts more and more rewarding.

A prime example of this is the recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack that shut down a major U.S. oil and gas pipeline responsible for supplying approximately 45% of the East Coast’s petroleum.

In this now well-known attack, the breach of Colonial’s IT networks and the impacts on enterprise business systems forced the company’s pipeline to be shut down—leading to costly downtime, expensive remediation efforts, and lost profits.

IT and security leaders recognize that their existing cybersecurity defenses leave their organizations exposed in today’s evolving threat landscape. With so much at stake, companies need to transition—quickly and seamlessly—from acknowledging challenges to identifying solutions.

In the white paper, Cybersecurity in Oil & Gas: How to Strengthen Your Cyber Resilience in an Evolving Threat Landscape, discover:

  • How to qualify for and maintain cyber insurance coverage as insurers evolve their approach in response to the dramatic increase in breaches and ransomware
  • How to implement a strong cybersecurity framework required for robust, reliable, and adaptable security operations
  • How to evaluate cybersecurity service provides and realize the full benefits partnerships can bring