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Help Protect Seniors from Cyber Crime


At Arctic Wolf, we see the dark side of the internet 24x7 while protecting our customers from cyber attacks. And we carry this knowledge home with us, understanding that our friends and family are also vulnerable, especially those older than 65.

Protecting Seniors from Cyber Threats 

With this in mind, for Cybersecurity Awareness Month we produced a video to help seniors and their families stay safe and protected from common scams like phishing, late night wake-up calls, and fake computer warnings. Security awareness isn’t just something to consider when in the office, it’s equally important when at home. Especially when it comes to seniors, the most vulnerable target of threat actors. 

You can do your part to protect our seniors from social engineering attacks. Share this video with your colleagues, friends, and family, and ask them to do the same.

For more, check out additional information on scams seniors should be aware of