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Arctic Wolf | Managed Security Awareness


Organizations spend a lot of effort enhancing their cybersecurity, building defenses that cyberthreats can’t penetrate. 

Yet despite all the preparation, many attackers sidestep them all together, through social engineering and targeting busy employees. And if these employees are left unprepared, they can be tricked into opening a side-door, bypassing the defenses your IT team has constructed—frustrating responders as the volume of attacks increase. 

It’s time to shut that door. 

Managed Security Awareness

New to the Arctic Wolf Platform, Managed Security Awareness® educates employees and prepares them  to recognize and neutralize social engineering attacks. 

More than training, Arctic Wolf combines content, quizzes, and simulations. Plus a personal touch: awareness coaching for your IT team. 

Enlighten employees, change their behavior, and make them an active part of your cyber defense, keeping them, and your entire company secure. 

Learn more about Managed Security Awareness.