Arctic Wolf Networks Chosen by Hornblower to Provide Security Operations Center (SOC)-as-a-Service

December 12, 2016


AWN CyberSOC protects Hornblower from repeated phishing attacks that bypass traditional perimeter defenses

SUNNYVALE, CA– December 12, 2016 – Arctic Wolf Networks, a leading security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service company, today announced that Hornblower, the nation’s largest private vessel company with over 70 vessels, has selected AWN CyberSOC to provide comprehensive SOC services. The service was selected because it made security simple, actionable and affordable for Hornblower.

The growing company, which provides premier luxury cruise experiences for special events, private charters and tourism excursions, has recently added more ports of departure to its portfolio, creating more data and demand for a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Hornblower’s lean IT team found it challenging to monitor and identify security threats in real-time and needed to implement a more holistic security strategy with limited IT resources.

The company had invested in numerous security appliances from the leading security vendors, but Hornblower learned that a strong perimeter defense was no longer adequate for today’s threat landscape. Within weeks of implementing AWN CyberSOC, Hornblower’s Concierge Security Engineer detected multiple phishing attacks that bypassed their existing perimeter defenses. Without the detection and response capabilities of AWN CyberSOC, Hornblower could have experienced significant financial damage from these attacks.

“My Arctic Wolf security engineer is truly an extension of my IT team, and has detected phishing attacks that bypassed our existing prevention tools twice in the first few weeks,” said Tim Johnson, Director of IT at Hornblower Cruises & Events. “I could not have achieved visibility into our security posture within my budget without Arctic Wolf.”

“Every company needs a SOC, but smaller companies do not have the luxury of multimillion budgets to build, staff and maintain them,” said Brian NeSmith, chief executive officer at Arctic Wolf. “Our Concierge Security Engineers find breaches that bypass traditional defenses every day.”

AWN CyberSOC, with its Concierge Security Engineer proved its value immediately upon installation by detecting threats that previously went undetected. Among the threats it detected was a malware-infected server sending encrypted traffic to a malicious website, which previously went undetected by both a firewall and antivirus software until the Concierge Security Engineer discovered it.

AWN CyberSOC is a turnkey SOC-as-a-Service that redefines the economics of security. The service differs significantly from do-it-yourself solutions that require big budgets or services from traditional managed security service providers with multiple support tiers. AWN CyberSOC provides a SOC in less than 60 minutes with a personal Concierge Security Engineer for about the cost of your firewalls.

To learn more about Hornblower and their partnership with Arctic Wolf, click here. For more information on Arctic Wolf and SOC-as-a-service, visit the website at

About Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf redefines the economics of security with a turnkey SOC-as-a-service that deploys in less than 60 minutes. Concierge Security Engineers use the AWN Platform to provide tactical and strategic insights into your security to answer the question, “Am I safe?” We lead the industry in making security simple, actionable and affordable for mid-market companies.

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