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So, You Want To... Level Up Your Cyber Insurability

The recent rise in data breaches and ransomware has caused an uptick in insurance claims. In response, cyber insurance providers are now doing greater due diligence to verify the security posture of the organizations they plan to insure.

With most breaches involving weak or stolen credentials, insurance providers consider identity controls like multi-factor authentication (MFA) a requirement, in addition to a checklist of other foundational controls including managed vulnerabilities, a logged and monitored network, and prepared incident response—to name a few. Building a resilience plan to reduce the likelihood of ever needing to file a claim can pay off in a big way.

Join Okta and Tetra Defense, an Arctic Wolf Company, as we cover:

– The current state of cyber insurance
– How to avoid a claim
– Why identity is a critical security control for cyber insurance carriers
– What your organization can do today to present a stronger, less risky profile to underwriters
– What to do in the event of a cyber catastrophe