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Security Operations Insights: A Global Perspective with CyberRisk Alliance

Even though more than $130B is spent on cybersecurity annually, the number of breaches continues to rise. Contributing to the spend and strain is the fact that many organizations are still in a state of chaos and transition. Vulnerabilities exposed by infrastructure changes to accommodate remote work in light of the pandemic remain unresolved.

Research from CyberRisk Alliance and Arctic Wolf reveals that even as organizations take proper steps to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses training employees, investing in technology, and engaging third-party experts, they aren’t achieving their desired outcomes. In this webinar, experts from CyberRisk Alliance and Arctic Wolf will discuss:

  • Highlights from their global research into security operations

  • Industry-specific findings and emerging trends

  • Global cybersecurity challenges, specifically in North America and Europe

  • Recommendations for fine-tuning your cybersecurity strategy