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Modern Security Challenges for Law Firms: Leveling the Playing Field

In this webinar, VP of Commercial Sales, Ben Bitterman, discusses current security challenges facing law firms, and how Arctic Wolf helps firms address and take action against cyberthreats and attacks.

According to Bloomberg Law, since 2011, 80 of the top 100 law firms have suffered a data breach. With cyberattacks becoming increasingly complex and coordinated, it is no surprise that law firms continue to be targeted today. In addition to defending against modern cyberthreats, law firms are required to adhere to stricter compliance laws and guidelines, while facing a shortage of security experts available to hire.

Picking a Security Operations Partner such as Arctic Wolf will address even the most difficult challenges currently facing law firms. With solutions such as Managed Detection and Response, Managed Risk, Managed Security Awareness, and Service Assurance, Arctic Wolf will help your firm build a process driven approach to cybersecurity.

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