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Maximize Your Existing Security Tech Stack (Without Adding More Tools)

Whether it’s protocols and standards or tools and technology, the world of cybersecurity is dominated by an endless array of capital letters, with many security-related acronyms now feature very similar lettering, namely “D” for detection and “R” for response. 

You may be considering or already leverage these offerings to protect your business and staff, but are likely wondering 1) how do I select and optimize the right detection and response solution, 2) how can I maximize my investment in tools I’ve already purchased, and 3) what is the right mix of tools and services for best-in-class security? 

How to Maximize Your Security Tech Stack

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • The differences and lines between EDR, NDR, TDR, XDR, and MDR 
  • How SOC services can enhance your existing tools for best-in-class security
  • How to select a solution based on your business needs