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Cybersecurity for the Oil and Gas Industry

Although there is increased scrutiny around cybersecurity in the Oil and Gas industry due to the recent ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline, cyber attacks are not new to the space and are capable of bringing a company’s operations to a complete standstill.

While many companies have continued to move towards digitalization, attackers are doubling down on opportunities to infiltrate and wreak havoc. Add to that the pressure of new mandated regulations, followed by the need to update and improve security posture, Oil and Gas companies are realizing their lean IT teams lack holistic monitoring across the entire attack surface.

Join Jim Johnson from Arctic Wolf for an in-depth look at cybersecurity for the Oil & Gas industry as he discusses:  

  • Three real-world examples of cyber attacks on oil & gas companies

  • Cybersecurity challenges specific to oil & gas, including the Cybersecurity effectiveness problem

  • In-depth exploration of security operations and how it addresses the key threats oil & gas companies face today