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The Healthcare Cybersecurity Checklist

The healthcare industry is a prime target of cybercriminals: Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other providers hold rich sources of sensitive personal information. This data can be exploited or held “hostage” in increasingly prevalent ransomware attacks.  

By accessing patient-critical information and then withholding it from the provider, hackers threaten the operations and security of healthcare organizations and the privacy and safety of their patients. Each year the problem continues to grow.  

The industry also suffers from its use of legacy systems and complicated IT infrastructures that frequently leave vulnerabilities for attackers to exploit. Data breaches can close hospitals, which directly impacts patient care, and has even been shown to increase the number of fatal heart attacks in the U.S. 

Amidst these growing challenges, healthcare providers need a solid, well-implemented strategy for cybersecurity that will not only protect patient and organizational data, but also help them take care of those in need. 

That’s why we’ve developed The Healthcare Cybersecurity Checklist. Learn how to build a stronger security posture with advice, tips, and best practices on protecting your organization.

Inside the checklist is the latest information on:  

  • Creating a security-conscious workforce 
  • How to take inventory and control over hardware and software assets 
  • Analyzing, prioritizing, and managing vulnerabilities 
  • The importance of securing hardware and software configurations on mobile devices, laptops, workstations, and servers 
  • How to stay on top of HIPAA Compliance, and more 

The bottom line? Security isn’t a project at your healthcare organization, it’s a process. 

Take the first steps to enhancing your organization’s security by downloading The Healthcare Cybersecurity Checklist today. 

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