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Inside the Wolf Den: Enhancing the Security Posture of Freeman Health System

The State of Security Operations Today, Tomorrow, and in the Future

Cybersecurity has evolved at warp speed in recent years, but so have cyberthreats to businesses. Organizations today must constantly reevaluate their security strategies and approaches if they expect to elevate their security posture and stay secure.

In a live virtual event on December 10th, Arctic Wolf’s Chief Technical Security Officer Sam McLane and Arctic Wolf customer, Freeman Health System’s IT Security and Support Manager Raun Williams, discussed the role of security operations solutions to effectively address the risks posed by current and future cyberthreats.

During The State of Security Operations Today, Tomorrow, and in the Future: Enhancing the Security Posture of Freeman Health System, McLane and Williams explored the challenges the healthcare organization faced and how it was able to overcome them and raise its overall security posture in the process.

Tools Alone Are Never Enough

While cybersecurity products have continued to address the latest threats, gaps in security posture are inevitable, and successful cyberattacks now occur on a daily basis. Tools lose their value if they aren’t tuned properly and skilled experts aren’t available to evaluate them and act on the data and information they provide. Unfortunately, this requires resources many businesses just don’t have.

For a truly effective approach to cybersecurity, organizations must be prepared for attacks and breaches and focus on security outcomes instead of hopelessly relying on tools to plug one gap after another.  

Sam McClane on the Inside the Wolf Den webinar.

How Freeman Health System Solved Their Cybersecurity Dilemma

In the webinar, Williams explains to McLane how his organization came to address the “effectiveness” problem with Arctic Wolf’s help. 

Freeman Health started with a SIEM in-house and the SIEM gave them a lot of information but as their business grew, they didn’t have the resources to monitor it consistently. They knew they were going to have to look for a partner to manage this.

Freeman Health reviewed a variety of partners, including Arctic Wolf, a few years ago. After a thorough review, they came right back around to Arctic Wolf because Arctic Wolf had the capabilities from a technical and security standpoint, plus they were the true partners they were looking for. Williams said, “the Arctic Wolf staff feels like my staff that are down the hall. They are right there as we need them.”

Williams then discussed the security pain points Arctic Wolf helps Freeman address on a day-to-day basis.

Williams said, “Given we are a community health system; we have minimal staff on the security side. We have three full-time staff to support 6,000 people from a security standpoint, which is a big challenge. Threat attackers don’t work 8-5 p.m., and as we grew the program, we began to collect data, and we had limited staff to review the data and take action. Arctic Wolf helps us sort through that information for us so we can take appropriate action to protect our data.”

See Why Arctic Wolf Security Operations Solutions Are the Answer

Arctic Wolf keeps organizations secure by proactively addressing security issues before and after breaches may occur, whether on-premises or in the cloud, through the Arctic Wolf® Managed Detection and Response and Managed Risk solutions managed by our Concierge Security® Team. Our security operations solutions make it possible for companies to achieve the cybersecurity effectiveness they need to stay ahead of today’s threats.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can achieve your cybersecurity goals and boost your security posture.