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The K-12 Cybersecurity Checklist

With a growing number of data breaches at schools, The K-12 Cybersecurity Checklist will help you develop a comprehensive strategy to stay secure.

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When it comes to our increasingly connected world, nothing is out of bounds for bad actors in cyberspace, including education.

Since 2005 K–12 school districts, along with colleges and universities across the U.S., have suffered more than 1,300 data breaches, impacting more than 24.5 million records.

In one high-profile example in 2019, two breaches linked to aimsweb—the Pearson Education student assessment tool—compromised an astounding 673,487 records in school districts in Nevada. And in a 2018, a phishing attack on the San Diego Unified School District enabled hackers to access the central student database, affecting nearly 500,000 student records.
Making matters more complicated, since the beginning of COVID-19, school and the world of education has changed dramatically. As schools increase their use of technology for teaching remote learning and online classes in remote locations, cybercriminals prey on under-resourced IT departments that are vulnerable to penetration and data breaches.
Don’t wait to make cybersecurity a top priority at your school. It’s time to enhance your security posture, which is why Arctic Wolf has developed The K-12 Cybersecurity Checklist. Find the latest information and analyses on: 

  • Staying on top of compliance and new legislation. 
  • Why you need to continuously analyze, prioritize, and manage vulnerabilities.
  • How to make distance learning more safe and secure for students. 
  • The importance of audit logs and the dangers of not reviewing regularly.
  • Why 24x7, real-time security operations is the only way K-12 schools can truly be secure.  

With The K-12 Cybersecurity Checklist, develop a stronger cybersecurity strategy at your school with actionable information you can start using today.