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Manufacturing Cybersecurity Guide

Download the Manufacturing Cybersecurity Guide and learn how to keep your organization secure in today’s evolving threat landscape.

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The manufacturing sector moves at an incredible pace, embedding the latest technologies to meet strict deadlines and secure shipping orders. Unfortunately, the risk of cyberthreats is growing at an unprecedented rate, as with each new device a manufacturer adopts, the pathways cybercriminals can exploit grow exponentially. 

These factors make investing in a robust cybersecurity program vital for manufacturers to protect valuable infrastructure, blueprints, critical data, trade secrets, and more. This is because any downtime can be devastating and have a crippling effect on every aspect of production. A single attack can take down an entire production line and impact delivery schedules for weeks, and sometimes months. 

Given the ramifications of a successful attack, manufacturers must prioritize building a security posture that is strong enough to prevent attacks while continually keeping production flowing. They must also eliminate security risks so they can satisfy partners and customers who depend on a consistent production schedule.

In some cases, such as when customers rely on a manufacturer for their supply of medicine, honoring that commitment is critically important.  

That’s why we’ve developed the Manufacturing Cybersecurity Guide. We want to help organizations stay safe while still meeting vital deadlines, especially in today’s evolving threat landscape:  

Inside the guide, find the latest information on:  

  • Developing a stronger cybersecurity plan for your organization  
  • The most common cyberattacks in the manufacturing industry
  • The most devastating recent cyberattacks, along with the high-stakes damage caused by them 
  • How to determine your company’s risk factors and ensure they’re secure 
  • Why ransomware isn’t the only threat facing the manufacturing industry 

Download the guide now to start enhancing security within your organization.