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A How To Guide on SaaS Cloud Security

While Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications deliver on their primary goal of streamlining processes and solving business problems, they also pose one major caveat: 

The proliferation of such tools also increases your risk surface. 

A recent report highlights how the average midsize company (200-500 employees) uses a whopping 185 unique SaaS tools, while those with 1000+ employees have more than 288 applications in their SaaS stacks. 

It’s clear that your organization must either protect itself in the cloud or remain exposed to countless threats. For SaaS platforms, the account is the front line of defense—it’s the most logical place for attackers to enter. And, crucially, the other areas of risk—application, network, and physical—fall under the SaaS provider’s responsibility, and outside your own control. That’s why it’s critical that you thoroughly vet your chosen SaaS providers to ensure they also view security as a top priority. 

In A How to Guide on SaaS Cloud Security, we discuss the current rise of SaaS adoption, look at different techniques attackers are using, provide information on what to look for in a provider, and lay out four critical steps your business can take to strengthen your security posture and tackle SaaS vulnerabilities.  

Refer to this guide to ensure your cloud and SaaS security strategy stays aligned. Download now.  

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