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How to Cost-Effectively Achieve 24x7 Threat Detection and Response for State and Local Government

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In 2019 alone, 1,000 U.S. local governments buckled under ransomware threats with damages totaling $7.5 billion. 2020 registered a whopping 70 percent increase in such attacks and the numbers have been trending higher since.

Hybrid work environments can make government agencies more vulnerable. In keeping with the principle of “your network is only as strong as your weakest link,” every employee laptop and mobile phone used for work is a potential new threat vector and needs to be recognized as such.

Worse, agency departments are often siloed with no visibility into the holistic cybersecurity picture.

While agencies might equip themselves with the latest technologies, this “tools-first approach” bypasses a more fundamental problem: how to actually use these tools to fortify existing cybersecurity defenses.

State and local governments might recognize the need to operationalize cybersecurity, but they are not always able to recruit or retain the talent to execute these needs.

More and more state and local agencies are realizing the benefits of partnering with service providers that can bridge the gaps and help agencies achieve 24x7 coverage.

Download How to Cost-Effectively Achieve 24x7 Threat Detection and Response to read how state and local governments are establishing meaningful partnerships with external vendors to invest in a comprehensive, operational approach to address the multi-pronged challenges.