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The Complete Security Awareness Program Plan and Strategy Guide

With the Complete Security Awareness Program Plan and Strategy Guide, gain actionable guidance and strategy for maturing your security awareness program.

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At its foundation, the goal of a security awareness program is to change behavior through education. And while the desired outcome of your program is quite clear, the path to getting there is a bit more complicated.

Before behavior change can be realized, employees need to recognize and understand how they specifically contribute to the security of their organization. It may be more important you believe. In one study, it was shown that a staggering 88% of data breaches involve employee error. Because of this, it's vital for everyone within an organization to understand how security and proper cyber hygiene is directly tied to the company's success.

But getting to a point where employees reach this understanding is not guaranteed, nor does it happen by accident. Achieving meaningful change in attitudes and behavior around organizational security requires corresponding strategic effort.

Building a Stronger Security Awareness Program

We've set out to address and solve these challenges with the Complete Security Awareness Program Plan and Strategy Guide. Discover how to nurture a culture of security, create a secure-minded workforce, and most importantly, learn how your organization can avoid becoming a front-page headline.

In the guide you'll also find actionable guidance and strategies for establishing and maturing your security awareness program, with detailed advice on:

  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Establishing an advisory board
  • Identifying key users and roles
  • Building your training program
  • Effectively delivering your training
  • Understanding types of training
  • Implementing awareness initiatives
  • Reporting and performance metrics

Download the Complete Security Awareness Plan and Strategy Guide now to start building a stronger culture of security in your organization.