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Cloud Security Buyer's Guide

Looking for the latest information on selecting a cloud security solution that’s right for your organization? Download our free guide.

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Right now, there’s no shortage in the marketplace of cybersecurity vendors offering tools. However, being a savvy cloud security buyer means looking beyond the overabundance of shiny gadgets. Because—the reality is—technology alone won’t solve your security problems.  

Organizations across every industry continue to leverage the dynamic efficiencies and scalability of the cloud. And while this move has brought significant advantages, the cloud has also introduced new security challenges.  

Your organization is solely responsible for securing its use of cloud-based services—and this is where we see a major gap in cloud security. 

Gartner forecasts that 99 percent of failures in cloud security through 2025 will be the customer’s fault. That’s up from 95 percent, which Gartner forecasted through 2020. That’s an incredible number. When you plan your cybersecurity strategy, it’s vital to understand what you’re accountable for and where your gaps are. That’s where we can help.  

The Cloud Security Buyer’s Guide will help you gain a deeper understanding of the different kinds of cloud security and the capabilities your cloud security solutions should provide. Inside the guide, you’ll find vital information on:  

  • The three types of cloud security along with major concerns 
  • Where the major gaps are in cloud security 
  • The top cloud security features and capabilities 
  • 12 key questions to ask cloud security vendors 

Download the guide now for a better understanding of the modern cloud security landscape and what your organization needs to do.