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2020 Data Breaches in Review

2020 was another record-breaking year in terms of cyberattacks. Learn about the most noteworthy, high-profile, and damaging data breaches of the year.

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The general public probably isn’t hearing as much about data breaches in 2020 as in years past, but in this case no news is not good news. 

The comparative lack of stories on breaches has more to do with a shift in journalistic focus than it does with a noteworthy reduction in bad actors. The fact is, with a massive shift in the world moving online during the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 ended up being another record-breaking year for cybercriminals. Data breaches rose dramatically in number and impacted all sorts of businesses, ranging from international banks to social media platforms to online retailers to big-city airports. 

All that criminal activity added up quickly. Hundreds of millions of individuals and businesses had sensitive personal data exposed or stolen since January 1, with breaches coming at a frequency that far outpaced even the record-breaking numbers of 2019. Those figures become even more disturbing when they’re translated to fines, lawsuits, and damaged reputations.  

With those factors in mind, we wanted to look back at the most noteworthy, high-profile, and damaging data breaches of the year. In the 2020 Data Breaches in Review guide, learn about:  

  • The gaming company that saw 300,000 user accounts compromised
  • Which healthcare organization is facing a $99 million lawsuit due to a breach
  • The major university that paid nearly half-a-million dollars in ransom
  • How a stolen laptop resulted in 650,000 people having their personal information exposed.

View the report and start counting down the top 20 data breaches of 2020.