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Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud

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To successfully defend against today’s threats requires analyzing massive amounts of data. This means gathering telemetry from a number of IT and security products and processing it as quickly as possible. While most organizations have tools that generate this data, they lack the ability to make sense of the data or get value from it.

Arctic Wolf's platform is built on an open XDR architecture, solving the biggest challenge organizations face in cybersecurity: collecting and storing security data across attack surfaces in real time; enriching, analyzing, and investigating this data; and using both humans and automation to respond decisively to threats and attacks.

Security Operations Cloud: Cloud-Native Security Analytics Platform

The Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud has scaled to ingest, parse, enrich, and analyze trillions of security events and petabytes of data each week from over one million licensed users at thousands of global customers. Security Operations Cloud also delivers critical outcomes across the whole security operations framework, is delivered as a concierge service, and protects customers to ultimately help end cyber risk. Learn more in our data sheet.