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Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness® Plus: Compliance Content Pack

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Each year there are new regulations that organizations need to learn, understand, and train their employees in on. Too often, however, this is handled through a “one-off training,” delivered by different platforms. This is a challenge for administrators to manage and for employees to navigate. And there’s a better way.

A professional and streamlined training experience for employees helps simplify the process and improve participation, while reducing administration bandwidth and cost. That’s why Arctic Wolf created the Compliance Content Pack.

This collection of compliance training courses is available as an add-on for all Managed Security Awareness customers. The Compliance Content Pack currently offers 15 compliance training courses for PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, and other important regulations. All courses are delivered through the Arctic Wolf® Platform and delivered together with your security awareness program.

Developed in-house at Arctic Wolf and used by organizations across industries, our Compliance Content Pack makes it easy to add compliance training to your security awareness program. The compliance lessons can be assigned to any Azure AD group and tracked from within the same dashboard by customer administrators or their Concierge Security® Team. With the Compliance Content Pack, you have flexibility to use any of the compliance courses you would like by assigning them to different groups within your organization.

With this data sheet, you will gain a greater understanding of the Compliance Content Pack, along with insight on training topics and course outlines—including HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules, PCI Essentials, Title IX, anti-discrimination, FMLA, and more.