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A Cybersecurity Checklist for Startups

When it comes to starting a new business, there's a lot to think about to get up and running. 

Fundraising efforts. Landing your first clients. Hiring talent and developing an overall business strategy. 

That's just the beginning. 

Another vital component to building a successful business for the long-term is making sure the right cybersecurity measures are in place. 

While you may have developed strong infrastructure, a single cyberattack can wreak havoc on your finances and reputation. In fact, cybercriminals see new businesses as prime targets for attack due to their underdeveloped security protocols. And the results can be devastating. On average, cyberattacks cost small companies $200,000, which can put them out of business. 

That's what we want to help prevent. 

In our Cybersecurity Checklist for Startups you'll discover how to strengthen your security measures, including:

  • What your investors need to meet their expectations.
  • Ways to help your employees adopt a cybersecurity mindset. 
  • How to establish security process procedures to protect your office today and into the future. 

Download now and start making sure your startup is ready for any potential cybersecurity threats. 

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