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In-Depth Review: 2022 Cybersecurity Trends

2021 was a landmark year in cybersecurity. The rapid, piecemeal changes businesses made on the fly to infrastructure, applications, and access controls during 2020’s huge shift to remote work were now under scrutiny, while security teams were still busy defending against the litany of attacks and attack methods.  

Many organizations are left feeling as if they are in a constant state of change, with the same questions constantly coming up. Where, how, and when will things improve? In what areas? What’s most concerning right now, and in the future? How does this impact security strategy? 

To answer these questions, Arctic Wolf conducted a survey of 300+ global IT security decision makers. Our goal was to understand their top priorities and objectives for 2022, and to get some first-hand perspective on their current challenges and future concerns. 

Join the Arctic Wolf team as they discuss:

– Leading motivators behind 2022 security strategies & shifts 
– Cloud adoption is occurring faster than cloud security 
– The cybersecurity skills gap continues to be an obstacle for many companies
– Ransomware, phishing, and targeted attacks are the primary threats that concern most organizations