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Setting The Four Cornerstones of Cloud Security

In Setting the Four Cornerstones of Cloud Security find out how to address today’s most pressing issues in cloud security.

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Cloud security embodies the essence of the CISO role. The landscape changes and the CISO adapts. But this adaptation itself must evolve.

The CISO position has evolved into a business executive role where one must speak with common language to the board, the CEO, and business stakeholders. The CISO must use that common language along with an ability to demonstrate a defined operational strategy that carries an organization to the edge of business innovation and enables it.

Over the past few years, cloud migration has led to cloud evolution which has led to a cloud-first mindset. With a pandemic push, the global corporate enterprise has gravitated to the exponential perimeter. This makes it imperative that the four cornerstones of cloud security now be realized.

In Setting the Four Cornerstones of Cloud Security, learn what the key cornerstones are, along with how to:

  • Identify accountability for cloud security across the enterprise
  • Conceive a cloud security strategy which consults and informs the organization’s cybersecurity operation
  • Gain true visibility across the entire organization, from on-prem to the cloud

In addition, find out how to address today’s most pressing issues in cloud security, including infrastructure complexity, unique vulnerabilities, user access, data security, consistent application controls, inconsistent talent, and regulatory compliance. Download now.