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A SANS 2021 Survey: Vulnerability Management— Impacts on Cloud and the Remote Workforce

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Companies have tracked vulnerabilities in their systems and third-party software since the late 1990s, and soon developed the ability to automatically identify these vulnerabilities in their systems, software, and even custom-developed applications. 

Nonetheless, vulnerability management (VM) continues to be a struggle for many organizations. While they often have well-defined vulnerability management programs, certain aspects of these programs continue to vex cybersecurity professionals, which prevents their businesses from maturing. 

Identifying vulnerabilities isn’t necessarily hard. Fixing them, however, is difficult for a variety of reasons.  

The SANS 2021 Vulnerability Management Impacts on Cloud and the Remote Workforce explores in detail how organizations mature across the different phases of the VM lifecycle. To accomplish this, participating firms rated themselves against the SANS Vulnerability Management Maturity Model.

To say the least, the results are intriguing.

Featuring respondents from a variety of industries, roles, and organizations of all sizes, this survey provides a detailed point of comparison so you can see how your vulnerability management program stacks up against others in the industry.