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Trusource Labs

As Cybersecurity Exposure Grows, Trusource Labs Taps Arctic Wolf for Security Operations

Austin, TX-based Trusource Labs provides technical support services of IoT devices for large corporate clients, as well as helpdesk services for companies using Apple devices. The company has experienced momentous growth since its founding in 2013, and was tapped in 2016 by the Austin Business Journal as the fastest-growing business in Central Texas. Trusource now has more than 575 employees and an international operations center in Limerick, Ireland that enables the company to provide 24/7 support. As it continues to expand its business operations and client base, however, cybersecurity has become a leading concern.

Due to the nature of its business, Trusource has access to vast client databases housing personally identifiable information for tens of thousands of individuals. That means a security breach could have devastating consequences, so the company is always concerned about email security and phishing attacks. With global clients representing a broad range of industries, including healthcare and financial services, Trusource must ensure compliance with a whole spectrum of regulations in its handling of client data. What’s more, as a rapidly growing business that ramps up quickly during seasonal periods, its IT team must always be wary of potential malicious actors among its own workforce. For these reasons and others, Trusource knew it needed more than the endpoint and firewall protection it had in place. It sought an all-encompassing security solution that could defend against potential threats anywhere and anytime, without exhausting its existing IT staff and resources. Trusource considered building a security operations center (SOC) internally, but in the end decided a SOC-as-a-service solution was the best choice.

“For organizations seeking a security operations center, Arctic Wolf® is the perfect solution. To do our own security operations internally would have cost us far more and taken many months. The Concierge Security® Team acts as extension of our IT team and provides a level of service that can only be described as incredible.”

Larry Chapman, IT Manager, Trusource Labs

Build Versus Buy a Security Operations Center

After exploring various options, Trusource concluded that it needed a security information and event management (SIEM) technology solution for complete visibility across its distributed IT infrastructure. It discovered, that the total cost of ownership of an in-house SIEM can be prohibitive. The company realized during a SIEM sales training session that to actually gain value from the SIEM, it would need to be the core part of a security operations center and a fulltime security expert would be required to oversee the solution and weed out false positive alerts—and top security talent is expensive and tough to land in a competitive tech climate like Austin. Trusource decided that, rather than building and staffing a SOC in-house, a SOC-as-a-service solution that combined the people, process, and SIEM technology was the better choice.

After careful evaluation, Trusource determined that Arctic Wolf offered the right solution. Arctic Wolf provided a turnkey solution with no hardware or software to purchase. The solution deployed in minutes, and the unique pricing model provided a predictable ongoing expense since it was not based on the amount of log data collected or the number of incidents, for which many managed service providers charge.

Another important factor was that Arctic Wolf provided a named Concierge Security Engineer™ (CSE) for Trusource. This meant that Trusource’s IT team could rely on a security expert to help manage the threats they faced, freeing up their IT team members to focus on their own specific areas of expertise. Having direct access to a senior security expert meant that questions were answered quickly rather than having to go through an escalation process.

Arctic Wolf™ Delivers for TruSource

With Arctic Wolf for security operations, Trusource’s cybersecurity needs are well taken care of—from advanced threat detection to compliance reporting—giving its IT team peace of mind and greater flexibility. The solution costs a fraction of what it would have cost Trusource to build the capabilities internally. In fact, Trusource estimates that they were able to save up to 90 percent of what it would have cost to build it themselves.

Trusource now has real-time security insights, and the benefit of Hybrid AI—a combination of machine learning and human expertise (the CSE)—so threats and incidents are quickly identified and receive an immediate response. Hybrid AI also cuts down false positives which can keep an IT team running around in circles. All in all, it provides 10x better threat detection with 5x fewer false positives, which has already proven valuable during a couple of phishing alerts that were remedied immediately.

As Trusource works across regulated industries, the customized compliance reporting services for PCI, HIPAA and ISO 27001, among others, have proven highly beneficial. And the solution has saved the company’s IT staff significant time in dealing with all kinds of issues.

Security expertise is a critical component. That the Arctic Wolf solution includes a named CSE is a huge benefit to Trusource’s IT team. This fact provides them a level of comfort knowing that cybersecurity concerns are always under control as they focus on other important IT functions. Best of all, the security process is so seamless that the Arctic Wolf CSE has essentially become a de facto member of the team.


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