Trimont Real Estate Advisors Achieves Global 24x7 Cybersecurity Coverage

“Thanks to Arctic Wolf, cybersecurity oversight is something we feel confident highlighting as a strength and provides assurance to our clients.”

-Raquel Brown, Director of Information Technology, Managing Director of Cybersecurity, Trimont Real Estate Advisors

From its offices across North America, Europe, and Australia, Trimont Real Estate Advisors LLC works with commercial real estate lenders worldwide to help manage their risk and returns. For a number of reasons, Trimont has made cybersecurity a mission-critical requirement for doing business.

To call the world of commercial real estate “high stakes” is something of an understatement. Deals worth tens—or even hundreds—of millions of dollars are just another day at the office. Meanwhile, a tangled web of local, federal, and financial industry regulations makes it a challenge to keep up with compliance.

Today, robust cybersecurity is crucial to fend off cybercriminals who see a tempting target. It’s also necessary to avoid the risk of fines and lawsuits that can be the consequence of a cybersecurity breach. According to Raquel Brown, Managing Director of Cybersecurity at Trimont, the firm’s previous cybersecurity monitoring solution was one that struggled to keep up with the company’s growth and cybersecurity demands.

Trimont’s clients expect constant, effective monitoring and logging of networks that access or host their data to ensure its security. However, Trimont’s prior solution provided too many alerts, which made it a challenge to distinguish major issues from simple noise. “We were getting thousands and thousands of alerts,” says Brown, “which made it very difficult to identify true threats versus false positives.”

Finding the Right Security Operations Partner

With a small team to handle cybersecurity for operations spanning nearly 300 employees worldwide, Brown understood the difficulties of Trimont continuing to achieve the 24x7 monitoring the growing company required. Brown, with the support of Trimont’s CIO Jeff Bolte began to seek a security operations solutions vendor that could act as a true partner to Trimont.

The goal was to find a company with the scale and technical ability to effectively monitor Trimont’s environment so the company’s in-house security staff could focus on higher-value initiatives. “We wanted somebody we could trust and rely on, which would allow us all to sleep better at night,” Brown says.

After comparing multiple RFI submissions, Brown and team chose Arctic Wolf® Managed Detection and Response (MDR). Arctic Wolf had the combination of technology, people, experience, and industry track record to give the Trimont team the full confidence that its security and monitoring needs would be met. “We felt that Arctic Wolf could take full ownership
of our monitoring,” Bolte says. “We may be a smaller company, but our clients are largely Fortune 500 financial service firms that demand of us to run our shop with the same cybersecurity rigor. We felt that Arctic Wolf would allow us to more effectively meet these demands.”

Addressing Cybersecurity Issues and Strategic Concerns

The Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response solution provides 24x7 threat monitoring for all of Trimont’s offices around the globe. A Concierge Security® Team of security experts provided by Arctic Wolf acts as the first line of defense in conjunction with 5Q Cyber—a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for the commercial real estate industry—to find and handle issues. They allow Trimont’s team to focus on other things—even if it’s just sleep. “I no longer get a call at two in the morning about an alert unless our Concierge Team deems it necessary,” says Stuart Shaw, Director of Global Information Systems at Trimont. “It’s reassuring that someone else is looking out for us and is able to take the ongoing oversight and initial assessment of issues off our plate.”

When an alert does get escalated to the Trimont team, they know that it’s something important that demands their focus. Meanwhile, regular reporting with security scoring allows Trimont’s Security Steering Committee and executive management to measure progress, understand their risks, and prioritize investments.

In addition to monitoring, Trimont, Arctic Wolf, and 5Q Cyber conduct monthly meetings to review security issues and discuss the health of the Trimont environment. The collaboration focuses on solving specific technical issues and brainstorming solutions to strategic cybersecurity concerns. “This knowledge sharing has been very beneficial,” Brown says. “The Arctic Wolf team is able to bring best practices from other customers to make suggestions about where we can continue to improve and also uses insight we provide to share with others. It’s a win-win situation.”

Turning Security into a Competitive Advantage

Since deploying Arctic Wolf for security operations, cybersecurity monitoring and threat detection has allowed Trimont to feel confident that no stone is going unturned. The comprehensiveness of this model is something that Trimont feels elevates its cybersecurity and positions it as a strength. It also shows a commitment to and understanding of the importance of cybersecurity by Trimont overall. Trimont’s website, corporate brochure, and sales decks highlight the firm’s cybersecurity assertion and capabilities.

“Cybersecurity is at the forefront of our conversations with prospective clients,” Brown says. “With our Arctic Wolf partnership firmly in place, we can provide better assurance to our clients and prospects that our environment is under watchful eyes at all times. This provides comfort to not only Trimont but also to our clients.”

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