Necessity sparks innovation

Costa is a leading maker of high-performance sunglasses. The company was founded by hardcore fishermen who wanted sunglasses as hardcore as their adventures. From day one, Costa focused on creating lenses that provided 100% UV blockage and 100% UV polarization.

After more than 30 years in business, the company has developed significant intellectual property and expanded its operations to multiple U.S. locations. The Internet and e-commerce have played a vital role in accelerating the pace of business, but on the flip side, they have opened the door to cybercrime.

Like most small companies, Costa didn’t have the luxury of a big IT staff or budget. They took all the standard precautions and deployed a firewall from a leading vendor. But when the news broke about data breaches at Target and Sony, they decided it was time to do more to strengthen Costa’s security posture. The challenge was to find a solution that was both efficient and affordable, which led them to Arctic Wolf Networks.

“The Arctic Wolf® solution is no muss, no fuss. It deploys in about one hour, and has found issues our firewall missed. Our security team is top notch, and I consider it an extension of my IT team.”

Glen Shapanka, Director of IT, Costa

Arctic Wolf redefines cybersecurity

By choosing Arctic Wolf, Costa’s IT staff eliminated the need to buy and maintain yet another security product in favor of a turnkey service. They gained the capabilities of a security operations center (SOC), staffed by security experts, with cloud-based security information and event management (SIEM) as the foundation. From a resource and cost standpoint it would have been impossible for Costa to implement this level of service on its own.

The Arctic Wolf solution can be deployed in about one hour. The deployment consists of installing the Arctic Wolf Sensor at Costa’s operating locations. Once installed, the sensor begins to collect traffic 

A cloud architecture and design makes the service extremely flexible and scalable. As part of the service, Costa is assigned a dedicated security engineer who investigates all security incidents on a daily basis. Costa is only notified when an actual security breach or other issue is uncovered, saving the IT staff from the tedious work of combing through endless logs and threat feeds.

Expert threat detection & response

Thanks to the Arctic Wolf service, Costa was made aware of several security issues that might otherwise have gone undetected. In one instance, the security engineer identified some unusual endpoint activity and notified Costa. The activity turned out to be a virus that was spreading among users. The security engineer provided clear guidance about how to resolve the issue, and the virus was removed.

In another instance, the security engineer noticed unusual activity on the Costa website that was consuming a significant amount of resources and possibly affecting the experience of customers on the website. A hacker was performing a Payment Card Industry (PCI) scan and had discovered an open port on the web server. Guided by their security engineer, the Costa team quickly identified the open port and secured it.

Proactive cybersecurity builds brand trust

Costa’s leaders understand the importance of cybersecurity in protecting the company’s position as a preferred brand for serious fishermen. Maintaining a secure online business earns brand trust among customers. However, for smaller companies like Costa it can be cost-prohibitive to dedicate the resources to implement and monitor a comprehensive security plan. Even with precautions in place, new viruses and methods of attack can penetrate most companies’ defenses. The key is to monitor the infrastructure to detect when a breach has occurred.

Arctic Wolf provides Costa with a SOC that goes above and beyond a typical security service. It provides comprehensive yet affordable coverage and frees up Costa’s valuable resources to focus on value-added activities that will help the company continue to create cutting-edge sunglasses.


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