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Centre Puts People Before Technology

Centre Technologies prides itself on seeing a problem from the customer’s perspective and creatively using technology to provide a solution. Unlike many companies who sell technology products, Centre takes the approach of putting people first and then using technology to help them do their jobs better, faster and more securely. This philosophy has served the company well, and it has propelled Centre’s growth from a single office in Houston to multiple offices across Texas and Louisiana.

Since many of Centre’s customers are small and do not have large IT teams, they rely on Centre to partner with them and guide their technology decisions. Among its customers, cybersecurity has become one of the most critical focus areas, aligning with the growing awareness of companies, big and small, being potential targets for cyberattacks. Threats such as ransomware have made cybersecurity even more critical, especially for small businesses, for which an attack can literally bring a company’s operations to a halt with disastrous consequences.

Security Operations Center—Essential for Modern Cybersecurity

Most security vendors focus on Internet and network perimeter defense, but in today’s threat environment that is not enough. Security experts agree that the best strategy is not to assume that you can keep breaches from happening, but to have a robust detection and response program in place for when a breach occurs. Mobile workers and the Internet of Things have increased the attack surface exponentially, and there is no way to ensure that bad actors will not find a way into a company’s network. Many enterprises have realized this and rely on a security operations center (SOC) for end-to-end security.

As cybercriminals have become more sophisticated, SOCs have become an essential part of modern cybersecurity. However, SOCs are complex and costly, often costing companies millions of dollars. Large enterprises enjoy the luxury of a large budget to support this cost, but SMBs and smaller enterprises do not, yet they face many of the same security, audit and compliance challenges. Centre understood this market dynamic and realized that a more comprehensive SOC service would be the best solution for its customers and differentiate them in the market. 

“Arctic Wolf not only has great technology but also understands what it means to be a true partner. They have designed a program that puts the partner first, and it is a breath of fresh air. Arctic Wolf is easy to sell, install and it is helping me build a terrific recurring revenue business.”

Chris Pace, CEO, Centre Technologies

Partnering with Arctic Wolf Accelerates Time to Market

Centre realized that offering a world-class SOC-as-a-service solution required unique capabilities including:

  • Collecting large volumes of log and network data
  • Large scale incident investigation
  • Expert threat hunting in log data and indicators of compromise

It evaluated the Arctic Wolf solution, and decided it would reduce time to market and provide its customers with an enterprise-class SOC solution. It was drawn to Arctic Wolf because unlike solutions from other companies, Arctic Wolf includes a Concierge Security® Team and unlimited log collection at a fixed, predictable price designed for SMEs.

Centre found Arctic Wolf to be a natural extension of its service portfolio, and its customers quickly grew to appreciate that Centre had a solution to help them combat today’s sophisticated cyberattacks. Partnering with Arctic Wolf has helped the Centre team strengthen relationships with customers, expand its footprint within accounts, and stand out in the increasingly competitive value-added reseller industry.


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