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Arctic Wolf Protects DNI Corp as It Ramps up Digital Marketing Solutions

“Efficiency is vital for our business. We know we’re in good hands with Arctic Wolf’s solution and its security experts watching our environment 24x7. That has allowed the team to focus 100% on client delivery initiatives.”

— Andrew Schrader, VP of Technical Delivery, DNI Corp.

Based in Nashville, TN, DNI Corp supports the direct mail and customer communications needs of clients spanning a wide range of industries—from financial services to healthcare to transportation. Fast approaching four decades in the business, DNI has provided marketing communications services for more than 2,000 customers nationwide.

DNI’s origins were in print mail, but over the years it has increased its focus on digital solutions that enable it to expand and heighten its reach and capabilities and provide further solutions for its customers. According to Andrew Schrader, DNI’s VP of Technical Delivery, its recent launch of DNI 360 includes e-delivery for bill payment, SMS, and and other interactive services to meet contemporary marketing needs. So, along with having to protect the extensive data it houses on behalf of its many clients and their multitudes of customers and prospects, this greater reliance on online solutions has expanded its attack surface and made a robust cybersecurity defense imperative.

DNI is a customer of ImageQuest, a managed services provider of IT services that DNI relies on for its technology needs, including those involving security and compliance. With the growth of DNI’s omnichannel marketing services, its has prioritized expansion of its infrastructure and cybersecurity capabilities. Schrader says, “Having ImageQuest as a partner is key for us as we grow and scale. The team there really understands our needs and helps us find the right solutions that meet today’s challenges and help us achieve even our most ambitious goals. That includes those related to cybersecurity and compliance.”

Taking a Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity with Arctic Wolf

When DNI sought a new security solution, it wasn’t necessarily to address a gap but, rather, to ensure they stayed on the leading edge of cybersecurity protection. ImageQuest introduced Arctic Wolf to meet that objective. Its comprehensive solutions span threat detection and response to vulnerability management, while also protecting organizations in the cloud.

Several factors stood out in the marketing fulfillment provider’s ultimate selection of Arctic Wolf® Managed Detection and Response and Managed Risk. DNI liked Arctic Wolf’s predictable pricing model—unlike other vendors—that made it easier to attain budget approval. It provided an affordable pathway to leveraging state-of- the-art security operations that was far beyond its reach internally. Most important, however, was the around-the-clock monitoring by the Arctic Wolf Concierge Security® Team and its threat detection and response capabilities, which, in collaboration with ImageQuest and Schrader’s team gave DNI confidence it could remediate any security incidents quickly and effectively. “There’s great process and rigor built around detection and remediation and collaboration,” Schrader said.

Another key factor in DNI’s selection of Arctic Wolf was its ability to detect threats in DNI’s Microsoft 365 cloud environment. Prior to engaging with Arctic Wolf, one of DNI’s Microsoft 365 accounts was breached, so when the company began evaluating security solutions, an integration with Microsoft 365 was a requirement and top priority. Now, Schrader and his team can rest assured that their cybersecurity coverage extends into the cloud and the organization-wide usage of Microsoft 365, making the odds of another significant incident on the SaaS platform much less likely.

Partnerships Built on Security and Trust

Schrader believes Arctic Wolf and ImageQuest are true partners of DNI and feels his team has enjoyed great benefits through these relationships. “Cybersecurity is critical, but so are operational and development processes that make our organization more efficient and help us focus on customer facing activities,” he says. “Our tech partners allow my team to focus on these initiatives, and the Arctic Wolf security team gives us access to the best security technology and controls available today, while also providing the skilled expertise needed to monitor and protect our environment at all hours of the days and night—all for less than it would cost us to do it internally.”

In reality, DNI’s IT staff is laser-focused on client and partner projects, and Arctic Wolf’s security operations solutions like around-the clock monitoring and threat detection, as well vulnerability management, enable it to achieve many of the big goals it has planned to support company growth. “To scale our operations for the growth and expansion of our business we anticipate over the next several years involves refreshing our infrastructure and networking capabilities and utilizing the best resources,” Schrader says. “Arctic Wolf and ImageQuest are helping us achieve this transformation smoothly and effectively, and ensure we stay secure throughout the process.

As DNI’s business continues to grow—and the scope of its business expands and the data it holds greatly increases— it will come under new and more rigid requirements than it faces today. However, with security operations from Arctic Wolf to both reduce the likelihood and impact of a cyber attack, DNI is well-positioned to meet many data- handling and security-related compliance obligations it could encounter.

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