Defending the Highest-Value Targets

ACTIVECYBER is a team of cybersecurity and risk management professionals located in the Washington, D.C. area that provides security-related consulting services to leading organizations in verticals such as legal, associations, nonprofit, healthcare, and finance. It collaborates with senior leadership, technical visionaries, and IT practitioners at client organizations to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity strategies. ACTIVECYBER’s services cover the entire ACTIVE framework: Advisory, Compliance, Testing, Implementation, Visibility, and Education.

ACTIVECYBER’s customers take proactive measures to adopt cybersecurity best practices, such as adherence to the NIST and ISO frameworks. These initiatives are motivated by regulatory and client-driven requirements, as well as the core business objective to serve as a trusted guardian of client and proprietary data.

As a C-suite security advisor, ACTIVECYBER always seeks reliable partners who can deliver the crucial capabilities these initiatives need to succeed. In Arctic Wolf, they found that partner for Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

“Arctic Wolf’s monitoring and detection has grown our recurring revenue model while maturing our clients’ security posture year over year. It is now a significant chunk of our business, as we’ve deployed the solution across all verticals, covering thousands of users and endpoints. Since partnering with Arctic Wolf, we’ve identified and closed our single largest MDR solution to date, while increasing our MDR business three-fold.”

Dale Raymond, Founder and CEO, ACTIVECYBER

Selecting a Security Partner: High Stakes, High Trust

Prior experiences taught ACTIVECYBER to be wary of security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service offerings. Various vendors made expansive promises but failed to deliver enough value. ACTIVECYBER sought an organization that could meet its stringent evaluation criteria.

Raymond explained their key requirements for a partner: “We looked for a group with its own technology, for whom MDR was their strongest suit. Plus, a team that put the customer first at every level, from sales to service. Arctic Wolf’s leadership was aligned with our vision,and demonstrated that it knew what it was doing.” Artic Wolf also won from a technology standpoint, brought an exciting channel-led strategy, and made entering service engagements easy. “Ultimately,” said Raymond, “we jumped in with both feet with Arctic Wolf Networks, and it’s been a very good decision.”

The Security Partnership Win-Win-Win

Partnering with Arctic Wolf has brought significant benefits to both ACTIVECYBER and its clients.

ACTIVECYBER has now deployed the Arctic Wolf solution for association, nonprofit, legal, and healthcare clients, with Arctic Wolf monitoring thousands of endpoints. The Arctic Wolf team has consistently supported complex deployments on time and on budget.

Arctic Wolf service has exceeded the security and compliance requirements of ACTIVECYBER’s client base. Arctic Wolf’s Concierge Security™ team service model, where named security experts support customers’ specific needs, is a big hit with ACTIVECYBER clients, enabling executive reports to be easily customized. Plus, “Arctic Wolf clearly fulfills the ‘visibility’ pillar of our ACTIVE security framework,” said Raymond.

In terms of security clarity, Raymond sees it this way: “Arctic Wolf weeds out the noise. They don’t report a bunch of false positives. Our clients need to protect high-value data and assets, and doing so efficiently and reliably is critical. That we know an alert represents a real threat is a significant value.”

All these security-related benefits have spurred continued success for ACTIVECYBER. The Arctic Wolf partnership marks a significant component of ACTIVECYBER’s business offerings and revenues, with dramatic year-over-year growth. And the future shines even brighter for this partnership, with a growing pipeline that means increasing opportunities to expand the business and provide more security services for customers.

“Our goal is to give clients swift, actionable intelligence, visibility, and scale to keep up with the constantly evolving threat landscape,” said Raymond. “Arctic Wolf in our corner makes it a win-win-win for all concerned.”


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