Supervalu grocery chain experiences second breach in two months

October 1, 2014 Arctic Wolf Networks


National grocery chain Supervalu announced this week that it may have suffered another data breach, saying it found malware on some of its point-of-sale systems. The discovery of malware comes just a month after the company revealed its computer systems were hacked in late August.

Albertsons, whose IT services are supplied by Supervalu, said the malware may have come in contact with customer data, including cardholder names, card expiration dates and account numbers. The malware used in this most recent security incident is believed to have been installed in either late August or early September. Supervalu believes the majority of its stores were not affected by the breach, the Associated Press reported.

Supervalu suffered a previous breach in mid-August that resulted in the store’s computer networking being hacked. The security incident exposed the payment card information of customers from more than 200 locations between mid-June and mid-July. The grocery chain has said the most recent breach is a separate security incident from the August intrusion.

After the company revealed its systems had been compromised this week, Supervalu stocks fell 1.8 percent, highlighting the financial dangers of suffering a data breach. Despite the high costs associated with being hit with a cyberattack, security budgets have been reduced at many companies, according to a new survey on information security conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and CSO.

As threats increase, use of SIEM services on the rise
The report also found that while many enterprises are cutting spending on cybersecurity, a large portion are actively leveraging security analytics, with 64 percent of participants reporting the use of big data analytics as part of their security programs. Of those, 62 percent were employing security information and event management technologies, from which more than half of users experienced an improvement in detecting more security incidents.

As the financial and reputational costs of data breaches continue to increase, there is a greater need than ever for organizations to implement the proper precautions in order to protect sensitive enterprise information.

SIEM services keep an eye on companies’ networks for them around the clock in order to provide businesses with actionable information on the current threat landscape that can be used to make informed decisions about the best way to defend privileged systems and information. Concierge SIEM services are the most reliable way to stay on top of network activity, and an increasing number of companies are realizing the benefits of utilizing such a solution.


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