Detecting Lateral Movement, Privilege Escalation, and Credential Theft Just Got Easier

November 19, 2019

Close-up of a Wolf in the wild looking forward.

Extra! Extra!

If you’re a security analyst this should be music to your ears:

You can now detect east-west movement across your network, identify privilege escalation, credential theft, data exfiltration attempts, and better secure data on lost or stolen devices without the need for additional products or tools.

That’s right—we’ve enhanced Arctic Wolf™ Managed Detection and Response (MDR). This time with critical telemetry from our unified endpoint technology, Arctic Wolf™ Agent, to give you sharper insights into your endpoints.

This latest update is just another way our product team provides you with personal, predictable protection through the continuous delivery of features and capabilities of our industry-leading security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service.

These enhancements are now available to all existing customers. Just reach out to your Arctic Wolf representative or Concierge Security™ Team to customize your security outcomes and begin receiving these benefits today.

This is the first in a set of major enhancements to the Arctic Wolf SOC-as-a-service that includes enhanced monitoring and threat detection capabilities, endpoint threat detection, and weekly endpoint detection and response reporting.

Key features of this release include:

 Unified Endpoint Technology

  • The enhanced monitoring and threat detection capabilities for MDR are provided by the same foundational technology that delivers endpoint intelligence for Arctic Wolf™ Managed Risk. This include capabilities such as host vulnerability scanning, asset inventory and operational metrics, and security controls benchmarking.

 Enhanced Monitoring and Threat Detection Capabilities

  • A curated set of detection logic vastly improves the signal-to-noise ratio, while the agent brings increased monitoring and threat detection capabilities—especially around Windows event logs.

 Endpoint Threat Detection

  • Windows event log and Sysmon event monitoring provide robust threat detection and monitor lateral movement.

 Weekly Endpoint Detection and Response Reporting

  • Weekly reports that provide visibility into various security-relevant activity on customer endpoints.

We’re excited to continually redefine the world of cybersecurity. For more information on Arctic Wolf’s SOC-as-a-service, Managed Detection and Response, Arctic Wolf Agent, or Managed Risk, visit:

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