Philadelphia fire department deals with data breach

April 10, 2015 Arctic Wolf Networks

The Philadelphia Fire Department is sending out notices regarding a 2012 data breach that they're just now realizing happened. At least 750 patients  that rode in an ambulance in 2012 were recently notified that their personal and billing information had been compromised. 

Advanced Data Processing Inc., the company on the receiving end of the breach, was aware of the issue back in 2012 when it occurred. But the information that was accessed wasn't brought to their attention until recently, when a former employee was arrested in Florida after attempting to use it to file fraudulent taxes. Upon his arrest, the man was found to be in possession of a list of names and billing information for patients that used an ambulance in early April 2012. 

It isn't clear what all information was accessed in the breach, but it is suspected that anyone who used their services between Feb. 1 and Sept. 3 2012 are reportedly at risk. Patients that have been identified as part of the more than 750 that had their information taken have been offered free credit monitoring and fraud resolution services. The department also recommended patient contact the IRS to see if a false tax return had been filed in their name and claims no medical records were accessed in the breach.  

Given that more businesses, ranging from the government to the local levels, are furthering their efforts to stay up to date with technology, the same should be done with their security measures to protect themselves from cyberattacks. This same strategy applies to everyone from the armed forces to local fire departments to home owners. A great way to make the effect felt by cyberattacks less significant is to identify them immediately versus not realizing it happened until months, or years, after the fact. 

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