Security Operations Meets Magic: Penn & Teller Perfect the Art of Illusion at Arctic Wolf Event

December 4, 2020

Everyone likes a good magic show. That’s why this week, on December 3rd, Arctic Wolf hosted a live virtual event with entertainers extraordinaire: Penn & Teller. It was an exciting evening of magic and mischief.

Cybersecurity and magic? They have more in common than you might think. After all, we know bad actors have plenty of tricks up their sleeves and employ their own sort of sleight of hand. To corporate IT security teams that are stretched thin, performing effective security operations must seem like a magic act since it’s so hard to achieve.

A photo of Penn and Teller standing back to back.

A Show Full of Spellbinding Fun

Just as cybercriminals use a host of tool and techniques—from phishing attacks to credential stuffing to ransomware—Penn & Teller used liquid nitrogen, grapefruits, a nail gun, and the obligatory set of playing cards in their act. Audience participation is a given, of course, and Arctic Wolf’s Senior VP of Marketing, Dan Larson, was the lucky one chosen to partake in a trick.

Pick a card, any card! Well, Dan picked a number and color as Penn juggled several grapefruit marked with cybersecurity terms like analysis, vendor neutral, and data enrichment.  Ultimately, Dan selected the “analysis” grapefruit and ‘lo and behold a playing card with the number and color he’d chosen earlier was lodged inside, while the other grapefruits were shown to be card-free altogether.

Not only did the audience gawk and laugh, they learned a few tricks of their own. The duo broke down a few of the more traditional tricks used over time that are always guaranteed to keep people guessing and entertained. Remember: like the challenges of cybersecurity, it’s often about distracting those you’re trying to fool and doing things they don’t expect.

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Penn & Teller’s electric performance was free to an invite-only list.

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