New study finds enterprises increasing security, but not enough

January 30, 2015 Arctic Wolf Networks

With the constant barrage of cyberthreats facing enterprises from numerous entry points, companies are in greater need of effective cybersecurity solutions more than ever before. After suffering through dozens of high-profile data breaches, the business world is finally taking notice and putting cybersecurity at the top of its priorities list.

Recent research conducted by endpoint management and security firm Lumension revealed that IT decision-makers are responding to the cybersecurity crisis by improving policies, enhancing technological approaches and increasing their financial commitments. The fourth annual Data Protection Maturity study, which was released in support of Data Privacy Day, included responses from more than 700 IT professionals around the world.

According to the survey, more than half of enterprises now employ multiple information security policies in response to the influx of cyberthreats. In the four years that the report has been conducted, this number has already increased 16 percent, proving cybersecurity is a major concern for businesses.

In 2012, 48 percent of participants rated their security policies as being minimal, but in the most recent survey, the number dropped down to 18 percent.

"Organizations are making progress in securing their data and that points to greater appreciation for today's cyber risk reality," said Chris Merritt, director of solution marketing for Lumension. "Threats will of course continue to increase in number and severity but it seems IT now has the ear of their leadership and some progress is being made."

Cyberattacks still a common enterprise occurrence 
While enterprises appear to have more of a handle on the level of security necessary to defend their networks, the types of attacks they need to protect against continue to evolve. The majority of survey participants – 57 percent – reported a continued need to protect against malware, while 23 percent cited software vulnerability exploitation and 19 percent said distributed denial of service attacks. IT related risks are also a struggle for many businesses. Within this category, the biggest risk was of accidental data loss by an employee, with 40 percent of respondents experiencing such an event. This type of problem has risen 10 percent over the last 12 months, marking the largest increase of any such threat.

One of the biggest problems for organizations trying to prevent cyberattacks is that, despite increased spending, there is a shortage of skilled IT security professionals to do the job. Luckily, security information and event management services are able to monitor networks for malicious activity while also reducing the load for internal IT workers. With a FireBreak Detection Service, a third-party provider watches over enterprise networks around the clock to provide actionable information about cybersecurity threats so companies can create better response procedures. By utilizing a SIEM solution, in-house IT staff can be free to focus on business-critical projects while still ensuring the security of enterprise systems.

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