New malware strains sweeping the scene

October 22, 2015 Arctic Wolf Networks

It does not matter who you are, or what type of business you run: At the end of the day, everyone and every system is susceptible to malware. Whether you're a construction company or a health care provider, there are malicious strains that can find their way into your network before you even know what happened. 

"Whether you're jogging or browsing the Web, you're susceptible to malware."

Yet when businesses are faced with the sheer scale of malware attacks out there, that knowledge can have an unintended effect: the onset of indifference. After all, breach statistics are just that – numbers.

When you're faced with a finding like the fact that there have been nearly 120 million health care records breached so far this year, that's the kind of massive number that can lead to the whole topic of cyberthreats becoming abstracted, which can then lead businesses to become disengaged from the very real threat. 

There is a solution to this, however: highlighting specific threats and vulnerabilities. Here are two:

  • Fitbit threat: With the growth of connected devices comes a host of new vulnerabilities with those gadgets, as illustrated by the presence of a weakness in Fitbit fitness trackers that, as The Register pointed out, "could still be exploited by the person you sit next to on a park bench while catching your breath." 
  • Google Chrome Browser malware: Google Chrome serves as the Internet browser of choice for a huge number of people. But now, users should be on the lookout for a malicious strain called eFast which poses as a Google browser in order to track victims, deliver them fraudulent ads and share their information. As experts have noted, the malware does a good job of dressing itself up as a Google browser, which makes it a big threat to unsuspecting users.Managed SIEM more necessary than ever

These two stories represent only an infinitesimal fraction of the countless malicious strains and device vulnerabilities circulating the cybersphere today. And these days, there are new malicious threats emerging all the time, which heightens the possibility that an attack may worm itself onto your network without you realizing it. When that happens, you're going to want a managed SIEM solution that can catch the threat early on and prevent it from spreading out of control.

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