New log management language introduced

December 22, 2015 Arctic Wolf Networks

Cloud analytics firm Logentries has introduced a new log management language that will include a wide variety of search tools, while also needing a high level of technical skill to understand.

According to App Developer Magazine, the new Logentries Query Language will combine management tools and analysis. That will allow users to collect and search through log data as it is collected, but then use logs to see the trends and find sophisticated correlations between unique pieces of information.

"Our new LEQL language has been designed to be powerful, yet easy to use," Logentries chief scientist Trevor Parsons said in the company's press release. "It enables our users to easily ask questions of their log data and get immediate visibility across their software stack, without requiring them to learn a new, complex query language."

With the new language, users will be able to see trend reports as they are collected, along with a view of system and application performance. There are over 100 search terms to gather data from. Logentries believes this tool will improve efficiency for IT teams and be easy to use for anyone in the field, not just data scientists.

Because the new language tracks data in real time, the company believes event log management will be simplified using the Logentries Query Language. With real-time alerting, users will be notified instantly when a change is made, ensuring the system runs reliably depending on a user's needs at all time.

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