Network monitoring: The future of enterprise cybersecurity

March 3, 2015 Arctic Wolf Networks

As enterprise data breaches become a more frequent and damaging occurrence, companies are focusing heavily on analyzing every possible way that a malicious actor might be able to breach their IT systems. While it's important to know where your vulnerabilities lie, major organizations like Anthem, Sony and even the U.S. government are still experiencing devastating cyberattacks after analyzing their systems' weaknesses.

The intrusions suffered by these groups exploited not only the complexity of modern IT systems but also human nature. Some companies were done in by their use of interconnected systems, while others were brought down with sophisticated spear phishing schemes. With so many places to gain entry and a wide variety of methods to attack with, data breaches are all but guaranteed to happen to an organization. With this in mind, enterprises need to move away from trying to prevent cyberattacks altogether and instead focus on mitigating the associated risks.

Network monitoring helps companies stay ahead of threats
Corporate IT professionals need to start by understanding how to proceed after different types of assets have been compromised. If financial data is exploited, or intellectual property is stolen, what are the backup plans in place to make the fallout as minimal as possible? Once those processes are put in place, risk management teams should develop strategies to detect breaches as soon as possible, since mitigation efforts won't mean anything if the company doesn't know it's been infiltrated.

With a network monitoring solution, organizations receive continuous surveillance of systems in order to identify malicious activity as soon as possible. Security intrusions are analyzed to provide companies with actionable information for use in the creation of a more robust protection procedure. Cybercrime has been increasing on a monthly basis, but a monitoring and threat detection solution allows enterprises to be prepared for the changing security landscape.

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