Legalweek 2020 Recap

February 10, 2020 Louis Evans
Hello from the Arctic Wolf team!
We’ve just wrapped up a whirlwind four days in the Big Apple at the annual Legalweek conference. We had an amazing experience connecting with lawyers, technologists, and thought leaders that allowed us to gain expert insights and spread the word about the significance of cybersecurity in the legal industry. 
A gavel on a desk in front of a computer.
Here are some key highlights from the conference: 

Vendor Trends 

Law firm technology solutions, such as digital case management and e-discovery, absolutely dominated the conversation at Legalweek.
The solution space is lively, with tons of new and up-and-coming vendors, and plenty of new capabilities, from native OCR to intuitive discovery interfaces. It all points in the same direction: law firms are becoming digital businesses. The technology transformation isn’t just for office software or general capabilities like knowledge base management and CRM. The business of lawyering is increasingly a digital business.  

Regulatory Trends 

There was a great educational track at the conference on developments in regulation, specifically privacy and security regulation. And folks, a lot is happening in this space!
Digital privacy regulations are on the march through the states. But with multiple source standards at play, including GDPR, CCPA, and CalOPPA, businesses are likely to find themselves caught between multiple compliance regimes.
Another crucial issue is the increasing prevalence of contractual language where businesses promise to abide by cybersecurity best practices—binding themselves to remain at the forefront of this fast-evolving industry! It all goes to show that lawyers, whether they’re working at firms or serving as corporate counsel, need to develop best practices around data privacy and cybersecurity to protect their clients. 

Cybersecurity Trends 

There was a wide range of expertise represented at the convention, from security experts at giant banks with strong internal teams, to lawyers and IT practitioners just dipping their toes in the cybersecurity waters. No matter who was in attendance, the threat of cyberattacks remained top of mind.
One attendee shared a story of a business hit so hard by ransomware that their own IT Director simply picked up his bag and walked away! It was up to an outside tech consultant to help this business even begin to recover—a harsh reminder of the importance of cybersecurity.
And regardless of the level of background, attendees were curious and eager to learn about how Arctic Wolf’s SOC-as-a-service could protect their organizations from attack and drive legal business success. 
At Legalweek 2020, we learned a lot and hope we shared some wisdom back with our fellow attendees. We definitely shared something unique—a super-cool Star Wars LEGO set that we raffled off to one lucky winner! 
If we got a chance to connect at the show, we’re so glad we got to see you. If you want to learn more about how Arctic Wolf helps law firms, check out this paper explaining how law firms can protect against the top five cyberattacks.
Or if you're ready to check out a demo, reach out to our team and see it in action

About the Author

Louis Evans

Louis Evans is a Product Marketing leader at Arctic Wolf Networks, where he works specifically on field and partner enablement and training. He’s passionate about understanding and fighting back against the next generation of cybersecurity threats.

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