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Introducing The Complete Security Awareness Plan and Strategy Guide

Arctic Wolf security awareness program experts—who created security awareness programs for Disney, Sony, as well as our Managed Security Awareness solution—recently produced The Complete Security Awareness Plan and Strategy Guide to help you evaluate and elevate your own security awareness program. 
The guide offers valuable information and strategic insight for anyone involved in managing, assessing, and executing a security awareness program. And with social engineering threats already skyrocketing by 270 percent this year, there’s no better time than now to raise your employees’ cyber hygiene and implement a new security awareness program—or revisit your existing program to make key improvements that not only raise your organization’s security awareness, but your overall security posture as well. 
A successful program isn’t something you conduct haphazardly. It involves lots of planning and thought. But don’t worry, our guide has laid the groundwork for you, and helps you map out a security awareness program and evaluate your efforts over time. It walks you through each element of a successful program to give you the strategies you need to power up your employees so they’ll become active members of the culture of security that you intend to bring to your organization. 
A team of office five employees in a meeting room. Can see them through a glass wall.
Using our guide as your security awareness roadmap, you’ll establish a strong foundation for ensuring your employees employ strong cybersecurity practices across every department and throughout your company. We help you choose a mission statement that’s right for you, define the roles and responsibilities your team will need, and establish an advisory board who can provide strategic input on an ongoing basis and provide the top-level guidance you’ll need. 
You can build a thriving program with The Complete Security Awareness Plan and Strategy Guide, as it helps you
  • Identify key users and roles 
  • Build your training program 
  • Effectively deliver your training 
  • Understand different types of training 
  • Implement awareness initiatives 
  • Establish reporting and performance metrics 
What’s more, you’ll learn about a fresh approach to security education by getting a behind-the-scenes look at the science involved in training people to effectively retain information. And you’ll discover ways to strategically use phishing simulations as part of your awareness program, as well as learn how to roll out your program like an internal marketing campaign. 
Leverage our guide to get your security awareness off the ground and into full flight—it’s like having a security awareness program expert in the co-pilot seat right next to you. 
And if you seek a more auto-pilot approach to ensuring your security awareness program takes off successfully and reaches new heights, have a look at Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness®

About the Author

Nathan Caldwell has been a marketing leader in the tech world for nearly 10 years. He served as the producer and head of video marketing for one of the largest MSP software companies, where he was a keynote producer and coached tech leaders in executive speaking. In his latest adventure, he helped create Arctic Wolf’s Managed Security Awareness solution. When not fighting cyber bad guys Nathan loves to speak about his book, Empowering Kindness, and enjoys taking his four kids to theme parks.

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