Impact of Big Data for SIEM Solutions

June 4, 2014 Arctic Wolf Networks

The impact of big data is seen in increased security risks and threats driving the need for richer context within security event management. Thus driving various silos of unstructured security data into SIEM solutions to improve context of user access, identity, application, asset type, data value, vulnerabilities, exploits, plus normal versus abnormal behavior. This blends real-time event information with historical data for increased visibility to detect anomalies and hidden risks.

Traditional SIEMs mainly focus on network infrastructure and devices by monitoring alerts, events and logs using rule sets and reports in data retrieval and review cycles. Adding new data types for richer context stresses what a traditional SIEM relational data models can manage, plus increasing volumes of supported data also stress processing and storage capabilities. The impact is making early generation SIEM solutions obsolete and often shelf-ware.

To address new data types, increasing data volume and the rate of event processing, big data architecture brings answers, however also significantly changes administration and required skills. SIEMs are migrating to data analysis leveraging security experts with an analytics mindset to explore anomalies. This requires flexibility in queries and performance for timely results that big data front-end and back-end tools provide. Packaged off-the shelf SIEM solutions with out-of-box features are morphing into cloud-based security expert analysis work environments.

In the same context that a trained mechanic analyzes a modern automobile with specialized tools providing actionable information for you to decide next steps. Security experts through service models can best provide actionable security information from SIEM solutions built upon big-data architecture. The skilled person using the advanced tools is the prime value in this shifting solution area. Arctic Wolf combines security experts with indexed big data cloud architecture into a service, thus removing the complexity and cost of next generation SIEM.

The impact of big data on SIEM solutions is increased expertise and skills best provided by expert services that crunch your data to provide the CYA insurance desired from security event management.

Tom Clare, Head of Corporate & Product Marketing
Arctic Wolf Networks

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