Humanity: Cybersecurity’s biggest weakness

April 6, 2015 Arctic Wolf Networks

The biggest weak spots that lead to cybersecurity errors aren't even machines. Humans, the same ones who build and utilize technology every day, are the main cause of many of its complications. A recent study from CompTIA found that human error is the cause of 52 percent of cybersecurity breaches in the workplace

Imagine how many computers there could be within the average workplace. If not in the thousands, this number is most likely in the hundreds. When you put a human being in front of each of those computers, they each come with a level of cybersecurity risk. Clinking on the wrong advertisement, opening the wrong email or signing up for the wrong newsletter could be used by hackers to infiltrate the operating system of the entire facility, if not more. 

An article in the Huffington Post recently compared cybersecurity in the workplace to home security systems. There could be a wide variety of protective measures taken, but they'll all account for nothing if you forget to close the front door. In the example of cybersecurity, leaving the front door open is the equivalent of allowing an entire company to be compromised as a result of one misstep on one computer. 

How to fix it
According to CBS, a main reason that companies appear to have not made many strides in fixing the human error problem is because there aren't many obvious strides to take. The first possible solution that comes to mind is to offer cybersecurity training to employees, but a lot of companies claim that they either can't afford to provide this training, don't know how to access anyone qualified enough to head cybersecurity training or didn't have the thought in the first place. 

Given that human error has become more of an increasing problem in the past two years, insurance companies are now requiring that businesses that sign up for cyber crime coverage find ways to introduce stricter practices in the workplace.

Hackers infiltrating major corporations and gaining illegal access to high priority information is something that's occurring more often than many would like. Making sure that you're not the open door or window that lets uninvited guests into the house that is your workplace is a good start at making sure you've done your part in cybersecurity. Another precaution that is encouraged is to use a managed SIEM solution so that if there is a security breach, it will be pointed out immediately. 

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